Message in a Bottle

My mother often walked the beaches of Prince Edward Island’s north shore. Occasionally, she discovered treasures of sea glass, unique pebbles and rocks, and sometimes an interestingly-shaped piece of driftwood that she transformed into some form of art.


One of her discoveries caused a bit of extra excitement. She came across her first ever Message in a Bottle. The open sea had given the bottle a rough ride, and the small paper that it contained was showing the effects of a long nautical journey. Although barely legible, the note did offer a short prayer. It came from the Gaspe region of Quebec, and included a name and email address.

When she told me of her discovery, I thought of the journey the message had taken. The small note contained an element of hope. I imagined the sender, hoping that the message would be found. It’s sad in a way… the message had no specific destination, and no assurance that it would reach anyone at all.

When you preserve your family stories, it’s much like casting off a message in a bottle… only better! You can be sure that your messages, your stories, photos, and values will reach someone. If “bottled” correctly, your stories are guaranteed to be enjoyed by your descendants.

Imagine… strolling the beach and discovering a bottle. You open the bottle, and inside there’s a photo, a story, and a prayer from one of your very own ancestors, AND it’s addressed to YOU!

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