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Welcome to your legacy interview

I’m Darin Foulkes, and I’m honored to offer my distinguished video services to capture and preserve your unique story. Your legacy interview project is a deeply personal and custom endeavor. You hold the reins, deciding what we delve into and who has the privilege of interviewing you. Together, we will ensure that your life’s journey is beautifully documented for future generations to cherish. With your own notes, or my memory book as your guide, we’ll unlock precious memories and stories, enriching the tapestry of your legacy. I will help you capture your stories and memories, weaving together moments of wisdom and experiences in an elegant and profound manner. Let us create a lasting testament to your legacy, one that will inspire and resonate for generations to come!

“Your legacy interview project is a custom project. You decide what we talk about and who will interview you. We will work together to ensure your stories will live on with future generations.”


Either Darin or someone you are comfortable with like a close family friend. Or you can hire a professional!

Anywhere from 1 – 20 hours. It depends on how many chapters of your life there are! It depends because it is a custom project.

This depends on the length of the interviews.  My hourly rate is $75/hr.

Your stories are safe with me, as well as the videos.  I may ask you if I can share some of your great stories.  Any video clips you see here are posted with permission.

Your full interview will be delivered in digital video files on a hard drive or a USB stick, depending on the size.

I am an experienced interviewer and will guide you through the project. I have also developed a notebook with prompting questions that is very helpful.

  • Include photos with your stories
  • multiple copies for family, including photos
  • interviewing other family members, friends, etc.

Once we’ve completed your interview(s), I’ll have your video files sorted, saved, and delivered to you within a week. 

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