Memory Book

Every life is rich with experiences, and we have so many stories to tell! There are stories of fun times and hard times.
There are stories of moving across town or across the country, or further.

Remember the snowstorm that covered the entire house? Or the unforgettable camping trip?
Or the time that Gramma really did have a close encounter with a reindeer?

Now, remember the times when we’ve had the chance to TELL those stories? Remember how the children and grandchildren hung on our every word? Remember how much we enjoyed telling them.
How they wanted to hear more.

Perhaps you’ve been asked to write down some of those stories. Maybe you’ve given it a try, but discovered that story-WRITING can be a very daunting task, especially if you’re not an experienced writer. Story-TELLING on the other hand, is something you’ve done many times.

But where to start? And what stories do you tell? This notebook is a great starting point, filled with topics and questions to spark your memories. Perhaps you’ll rediscover stories that you’ve forgotten about for years!

The purpose of this 100-page notebook is simply to help you open up your ‘box of memories’.

Remember, most of us are NOT writers. There’s no need to write your stories here. Just a few words will do. The real magic will come when you tell your stories.

Enjoy your journey down memory lane. I look forward to recording your stories.

Download your printable copy of the Personal Memoirs Notebook here.

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