Capture your life story today

Video interviews to share with loved ones…

Preserve your life story

Made easier with the help of a skilled interviewer. Together, we will capture the stories that YOU want to tell… stories that your family will want to cherish for generations. (11)

good fortune and success

There are stories of great hardship and stories of good fortune and success.  There are tales of life on the farm, of the one-room schoolhouse, and the unforgettable family vacations. (4)

Back in the day

Our children/grandchildren are often fascinated when hearing about how things were “back in the day”.  How did you even survive without the Internet or a microwave oven?

Great experiences

Our goal is always to have a great experience.  A legacy interview is as easy as a conversation about days gone by, enjoyed over an afternoon tea with an old friend. (7)

PEI-Video Legacy Interview

Everyone has a life story to tell.  Let me help you to tell YOUR story with a PEI-Video Legacy Interview.

Capturing life stories

What is a legacy interview?

A legacy interview is a video recording of your life stories.  These precious accounts are then saved as digital video files, so they can easily be viewed by family today and by future generations for years to come.

By recording a life story, you give future generations the unique opportunity to see and hear their ancestors; to see their expressions, mannerisms and to hear their stories in their own voice and words.

A photo is just a snapshot, but a video brings a character to life!

A legacy interview is destined to become a family treasure for all future generations.

This is why I do what I do...

Play Video

Imagine… discovering a film that your grandparents had recorded ~ a film of them telling their life stories on camera.  Perhaps even the story of your birth!  What a precious find.   Perhaps it’s time for you to tell your story.  Leave your legacy.

Sit back, relax, and record your stories today.   They will be cherished tomorrow!

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