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History Professor named to the Order of Canada

I would like to add my congratulations to Dr. Edward Macdonald on his recent appointment to the Order of Canada, for “his leadership as a historian and scholar of Prince Edward Island, and for his mentorship of tomorrow’s heritage conservationists.” As UPEI professor “Dr. Ed”  was being interviewed on CBC Compass about his appointment, he spoke very highly of the importance of history: “Some of us live with our eyes fixed on the future.   But it’s important,  in order to understand the present… in order to find a path to the future we have to understand how we got here… Why do the buildings look like that?  Why is the town laid out like that?  Why are we concerned about land?” He continued, “We need history to understand the present, and we need that understanding as a context for going forward on a global scale and also on a […]

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United by Song

Tears of Sadness & Joy

There are tears of sadness.  There are tears of joy.   Rarely do the two roll down your cheek at the same time.  “United by Song” celebrates community through storytelling and song” When I read that description, I knew this was going to be a must-see event for me. I do love storytelling, especially stories from our own community. As I made my way to seat EE57, I had no idea what to expect.  What happened on that stage last night in my opinion was truly magical.     Four very powerful stories shared by Eddie, Josh, Faye, and Julie – each one of them a personal account of unthinkably painful experiences.  As each one took their turn in the storyteller chair, the audience fell completely silent, listening intently to every word.  Apart from Julie (PEI’s Poet Laureate from 2019-2023), these were not professional storytellers, though you’d never know it.  They spoke

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Dr. Seuss

What IS a memory?

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” How true.  Some of my most memorable moments certainly did not feel overly significant at the time, but over forty-years later, I can picture them like they were yesterday.   Like stretching out on the snowmobile seat on a clear, perfectly calm night, watching my breath rise in the light of the full moon. Indeed, Dr. Seuss… I agree.  We don’t “make” memories.  Instead, we enjoy life’s moments.  We never know which ones will become memories. So go and enjoy as many moments as you can.  You never know which ones will become memories!

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